Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Enjoy one week of yoga in forest nearby Khao Sok

Participate now in our new project, which will run or the first time.

  • Shared Large Dormitory
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Meditation and Yoga Area
  • No Electricity
  • Small Group (8-12 Person)
  • Free Vegetarian Food (3 Meals/Day)
Join our journey exploring the connection between body and mind, isolated in the middle of the forest in a magical atmosphere in contact with natureLet us exercise and learn about your energy and the energy surrounding you .

Hi, I am Monica. I am a Hatha and Nada Yoga Teacher and Psychologist. I live in India and am part of the Nada Yoga School staff​.

We are located 20 min from Khao Sok in the Center of a forest. It is a beautiful farm surrounded by an amazing natural landscape, located on Route 401 in Khao Sok National Park.

1st Day: 

Arrival at Gaarawé Village by 2:00 pm and welcome ceremony 

Guests welcome buffet with products from our organic garden. 

Transfer to the Meditation Center and distribution of housing and introduction. 

Groupal Introduction 

2nd Day: 

Morning Yoga class and individual interviews 

Chakra work shop 

Evening Yoga Nidra class 


Benefits of Yoga Nidra   

– It will improve the quality of your sleep  

– Activate the parasimpathetic system who is responsable of the deep relaxation and release all kinds of stress 

– Can help you to solve emotional issues  

– It will help in your wellness because it works in a positive way with the unconscious mind 

3rd Day: 

Pranayama Class 

Benefits of Pranayama  

– It will help you to breath correctly 

– it will increase your lungs capacity when you’re breathing  

– it will help you to relax the mind  

– can help to remove the stress, anxiety, and other psychological diseases 

– can help to mantain the physical and emotional balance 


Yoga asanas class 

Benefits of yoga asanas  

– Create awareness in your body  

– You start to know the nature of your mind from the body  

– It will help you to relax the mind  

– It will improve your flexibility and body strength 


Afternoon Spiritual day, the center organizes a Buddhist retreat for Meditating. 

All dressed in white – Great buffet for everyone 

4th Day: 

Morning pranayama class 

Yoga Asana class 

Afternoon weelbeing workshop 

Evening yoga nidra class 

5th Day: 

Morning pranayama class 

Yoga asana class 

Afternoon Trekking tour to Klhong Phanom national park, big  treesmonkeys and beautiful view about 2 km. 

Go to the Fish Cave 

6th Day: 

Morning pranayama class 

Yoga asanna class 

Afternoon wellbeing workshop 

Evening yoga nidra  Class 

7th Day: 

Return to Gaarawé Vegan Village Brounch 


13. -19. January 2020

8.000 BHT

per person

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