Be a part of our community

Gaarawe is a community aiming towards complete self-sustainability, but at the moment our garden and technology is not developed enough to provide everything a growing village needs! 


We don’t make any profits from anything we produce – what we make goes back to the community. This is why we ask all visitors and volunteers to make a contribution so we can pay for basic necessities such as:


* Local produce to supplement our meals (rice, fruit and vegetables, occasionally small amounts of meat or fish from the river)

* Gardening materials and tools

* Building materials and tools

* Small luxuries such as ice, wifi, and cleaning products


Visiting Volunteers

Come stay with us for a week, a month, or even longer!


Qualified Volunteers

Gaarawé has been built by thousands of volunteers over the years, but right now there are some particular skills we need to help the village grow…
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