We want to promote a culture of partnership and a society made up of “duties before rights”. 

We, therefore, propose the creation of a place where individuals can serenely participate: as members, collaborators, simple holidaymakers or sponsors. 

Your availability to put your individual interests behind the needs of the community is very important, as there is no need to schedule the times for every task, but to create cycles to operate and to rest, an harmony that we must create together. 

Forget the calendar and the clock, except if you have to cook spaghetti 🙂 So if you’re a positive, curious and creative person and want to be part of this beloved eco-village in Khao Sok, Thailand, we want to hear from you.

Work has spiritual value and is understood as a gift of oneself to
others. Through it, everyone takes part in the spiritual and material
activities of the people. Each citizen offers a part of their time in
activities of common interest, especially in social volunteering
activities. Every task is precious and carries the same dignity.

The Dhamanur Constitution

Qualified Volunteer member



These are the roles available for the people qualified in a specific area, with disponibility to work and develop a project until its mission is achieved.

Supporting Member


This is one of the best ways to join our community, as it is a great opportunity to make the best out of your experience in the village. This means you get responsibilities within the community as if you were a member on a bug family, but also get all the perks from it. 3 months advised to get the most of it ! 

Volunteer Travel Experiences

FREE – FROM THE 7th January to 13th  –

  • As a goal we have to build a new synergistic garden and we need reinforcements.

We offer 7 days of full immersion for volunteers that would like to help, learn about permaculture and propose a project or skills that can be useful for the development of our village !   

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