These are the roles available for the people qualified in a specific area, with disponibility to work and develop a project until it’s mission is achieved.

What we offer:
*  Accommodation in a private bamboo hut, with eventual nights in our gazebo or tend (depending on availability)

* Linens, blankets and towels

* Free laundry

*  Free Wi-Fi (optical fiber)

* Three meals per day, mostly Thai. Vegan-Vegetarian options are available (our food is excellent; we use mostly organic products from our garden or local sources!)

What we expect:
* Qualification and experience

* Commitment to the whole length of the project, flexibility and willingness

* About 25 hours of work per week (this is flexible, as it depends on the project requirements and weather conditions)

List of the skills

• Builder

The project: Helping in general maintenance of the village’s structures and building new one’s. We’re also interested in exchanging ideas about eventual clay oven, natural clay adobe houses (ban-din) and tree houses.

Duration : 1 month minimum expected

• Electrician

The project: Fixing some electric systems in the village’s common areas, as well as improve the one’s already fixed.

Duration : 1 month minimum expected

• Specialist in water purification system

The project:  Designing a reliable water purification system.

• Yoga teacher

We have beautiful places for yoga retreats. The candidate must be have the ability to have a following of interested parties and sell the event.
Can share with us not only the experience but also any potential profit we are able to generate.


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