You are very welcomed to Garawe if you are a professional and want to partner up with us to invest in a business opportunity that fit into the ethical principals of permaculture.

This is a proposal to share with us not only the experience but also any potential profit we are able to generate.

In that case we can host you, share our network with local experts and resources, and you bring your expertise.

We can start the project as soon as these conditions are gathered : There is a Project Manager with funds and human resources needed.

Here are some business opportunies we are interested to develop with your expertise :

  • Organic cosmetic specialist

The project: Organizing organic cosmetic making courses and workshops for guests and visitors, and producing soaps and detergents for sale and for the village usage.

  • Permaculturist 

The project: Organizing permaculture courses and workshops for guests and visitors

  • Essential oil specialist

The project: Organizing essential oil and producing essential oil with the village’s plants. We have already done a good research work on Lemon grass, Citronella and Vetiver, our land is very appropriate and provides 3 to 4 harvests per year. We can get European certificate for international sales. We are looking for somebody able to start the production. 

  • Event/Manager Organizer

The project: Organizing and sell the events, making their promotion and implementation.

Type of Experiences or Events to Create:
* Yoga Class
* Spiritual meditation retreat
* Introduction to Thai massage
* Permaculture workshop
* Reiki retreat
* Meeting/ Congress/ Wedding
* Welcome your proposals

The Manager together with event masters and lele
They coordinate a Calendar with: Schedules, Title of the lesson (in the case), the period, duration, the place, services like tours if they are planned and the cost.
Accompany and introduce guests to the place.

Locations available:

* Meditation Center
An ideal place, in the middle of the forest in Khao Sok, without electricity
Resident People: A man who has dedicated himself to Buddhism and spirituality in harmony with nature, living alone.
Local events:
Two, three times a month there is a Buddhist retreat, food, prayer and smile.
A large wooden gazebo very suitable for yoga, and ending with a small Temple
The large house where we cook, downstairs with a relaxing terrace and bathroom, on the first floor a room for the manager. A second private accommodation can be remedied.
Separate dormitory that can comfortably accommodate 20 people
A good structure for common bathrooms and showers.

* Thai style Villa
Khao Sok center, along a corner of the river with the rocks, clear water and in the surrounding area monkeys can be seen.
A well organized Thai style villa, with a dormitory for 8/10 people on the first floor.
On the ground floor there is a private room, a well-organized kitchen and an outdoor area for recreation.

* Forest resort
A few kilometers from the village, hidden in the forest
Nine rooms including 4 with air conditioning, not open to the public, only for group retreats, experiences or events. A canal enriches the natural pool.
A kitchen with a dining room and a reception area.
Resident people:
Empty to sell everything complete

* Magical Island:
For the island we are looking for a financier manager with experience in one of the roles in synergy with our projects.

Koh Phra Thong is an island that the Thai Kingdom has offered as a reserve to the people of the gypsies of the seas “Moken”
The unique Flora and Fauna in Thailand as the typology is the only Savanas style Island
There is no electricity, only nine resorts in harmony with the environment and built with local materials.
The People of the Moken:
A representative of the Moken people; to introduce the class participants to the local culture and to teach them how to co-exist and to assist them in any possible way.
This is a reserve of the Moken, an ancient seafaring people who have roamed the Andaman Sea for thousands of years. Traditionally, the Moken lived on their Kabang houseboats in the dry months and banded together in temporary villages during the monsoon. Possibility to have exceptional underwater skills such as freediving and spear hunting.
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* * * If you have others ideas that fit into the permaculture principals, don’t hesitate to contact us !