Gaarawe is a not-for-profit village

Everything that we make and do is invested back into the project. That’s why we can’t offer free food and training to all who visit us.
If you have one of the skills we need (or have a skill you think we need) Gaarawe will invest in you if you invest in us!

Qualified Volunteers

Gaarawé has been built by thousands of volunteers, but there are some skills in particular that we need at this time in the village’s growth:

      • Events Manager:  we are looking for someone who can prepare an annual calendar of class or events: Permaculture, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Thai Massage, Ceramic….
        Min. stay:  1 year (and the possibility to share profits)

      • Electrician:  we are looking for a qualified electrician
        Min. stay:  2 weeks

      • Web Designer:  as you can see from the current state of this website, we are in need f for a web designer with experience on WordPress, possibly Thai-speaking for the translations
        Min. stay:  1 month

      • Public Relations/Marketing: we are looking for a native Thai speaker with a good English to take care of business administration and marketing.
        Min. stay:  6 months

      • Plumber:  we are looking for a qualified plumber to fix-up/maintain the water system
        Min stay:  1 month

What we ask:

    • Commitment to the whole length of the project, flexibility, and willingness
    • About 5 hours of work per day for 5 days per week (very flexible, as it depends on project requirements and weather).

What we give:

We offer accommodation and meals:

    • A bed in the dormitory or a hut if available
    • Sheets, blankets, pillows
    • Mosquito net
    • Highspeed wifi and electricity
    • Full access to training and facilities
    • Free laundry
    • Three meals per day
    • Assistance with visa applications.
Don’t see your skills up there?
Contact us anyway, we may still need you! 


Trainee Volunteers

The voluntourism industry has changed the way that volunteers think, and their expectations. If you haven’t worked on a permaculture project for at least 1 month then you will need guidance and training before you can make a real contribution to the village. We cover why we ask some volunteers to contribute financially in our FAQS.

What we give:

    • Three meals per day* 
    • Training in whatever task the garden needs
    • Sheets, blankets, pillows
    • Mosquito net
    • Highspeed wifi and electricity
    • Full access to training and facilities
    • Free laundry

What we ask:

    • 1 week: 3,500ThB per person, 6,000ThB per couple
      (Aprox. $110 per person, $190 per couple) 
    • 1 month: 9,000ThB per person, 16,000ThB per couple
      (Aprox. $280 per person, $500 per couple) 
    • 3 months: 21,000ThB per person, 35,000ThB per couple
      (Aprox. $660 per person, $1,100 per couple)

*Our chef is Thai so much of our food is what she would make for her family. Vegan/vegetarian options are available, and we use mostly organic products from our garden or local sources. Let us know when you arrive if you have dietary requirements.

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