Gaarawe is a not-for-profit village

Everything that we make and do is invested back into the project. That’s why we can’t offer free food and training to all who visit us. If you have one of the skills we need (or have a skill you think we need) Gaarawe will invest in you if you invest in us!

Time and money are useless without each other. We will need both to build a real community. Those with the courage and commitment to help the village on this difficult road become members of our family. If you think this might be for you, come see us for 3 days, on us.


What we give:

    • A home for as long as you want
    • Shares in the village
    • A seat at the table for big decisions
    • A part in our global network of members

What we ask:

    • The willingness to learn and teach
    • Minimum investment of 100,000ThB*
    • Minimum time commitment of 3 months 


*We calculate time and money together, so for every month committed to the village we add 5,000ThB to our members’ share of the village as a kind of “salary”.

Another option for investment is to contribute to constructing clay houses, or another of our long term projects for more details, see here.

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Oven work
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