Future Projects

What we have:
The property extends over 5 rai of land overlooking the Khao Sok river.
With the help of the over 3000 volunteers who came trhough during the last 5 years, we have built a majestic water tower connecting over 800 meters of water piping for irrigation and domestic use, an electrical grid ditributing power across the village, nine bamboo huts to receive guests, including a luxury bungalow with private bathroom and large balcony, a large relaxation/yoga area with common facilities and showers, a large kitchen with laundry facilities and storage rooms, a fully equipped workshop with all sort of tools for construction, plumbing, carpentry, electricity, and a plant nursery.
Up to 4 scooters are available for rent, plus a service scooter (Sam-Loo) and a pik-up car for freight transport.

Our Economy:
After laying the foundations, the Village has developed a self-sustained economy. In the pre-Covid19 era it mostly relyied on AirBnB hosting, organization of tours and excursion to local attractions, and other visitors’ contributions. Since the pandemic has hit, the number of guests dramatically dropped and the main income were based on the production and sale of organic products such as vegetables, fruit and eggs.

We have planted 12 different species of bamboo, especially investing in rare and endangered species, which we are also planning to produce and sell. Bamboo is used for construction, nutrition, gardening, fires, etc.

With the law of January 29, 2021, Thailand offers the possibility for individuals satisfying certain characteristics to obtain a license to grow medicinal hemp for therapeutic, cosmetic and artistic use. We are currently in the process of obtaining such license.

“The project must look like a Farm,
attract visitors like an Amusement Park,
and indoctrinate people like a School”


Ongoing projects:
We have started the construction of a natural clay oven to bake bricks and pizza! Unfortunately the pandemic and consequent lack of manpower has put the projetc to a halt.

We have improved the water-tower by adding a mezzanine floor holding jerry cans that will be used to produce mineral drinking water. Most infrastructure is already in place, the system only needs piping and a few final touches.

Future projects:
We are preparing to build natural clay houses (Ban Din) for residents and guests,  by making the best use of local and recycled materials: stones, wood, bamboo. We’ve plenty of blueprints and ideas on paper, we need a lot of skilled manpower to make it real.

We have the blueprints and the perfect location for a tree house designed by an Italian architect (Stefano), who specialized in this type of structures. If we can find the necessary talents to build it, this tree house alone could become the main attraction of the region for eco-tourist and beyond.

We have plenty of longer term projects in our drawers, including a river mill for hydroelectric power and an arrangement of roof solar panels so to reach indepoendence from the power grid.

Attractions/entertainment:  (all these projects have been halted due to the Covid19 pandemic)

We were planning to open a Coffeshop for bikers and travellers where we could promote our organic produces and home baked goods. The Coffeeshop could then evolve into a full feature restaurant, depending on success and manpower availability.

We laid the foundation for a bamboo structure thet would host the Spa and yoga area. If tourism should ever recover, we will be ready to complete and activate such structure.

Lastly, we are in the process for obtaining our licence to grow medicinal Hemp. This will open plenty of opportunities for the production of therapeutic and cosmetic products, all organic and localy sourced.
For the hemp project, we have received the first seeds from the government on an experimental basis. This is the first step toward the license. Next, we must present a project with a well defined location, isolate a plant nursery area not accessible to the public, and become part of a professionals network of Hemp farmers for mutual advice.

Ideal Candidates we are looking for …