About Gaarwé

Gaarawé village is a self-sustainable community project located in Khao Sok area, in the south of Thailand. It’s open to all dreamers around the world willing to live, grow and flourish together in harmony with Mother Nature. Since 2015, Gaarawe has been growing with the help of thousands of volunteers and partners. 

We have survived storms and floods, broken technology and body parts, even a global pandemic. Gaarawe is still here because – like the flower that the village takes its name from – it is able to adapt to its environment. 

Who We Are:

Lele – “The Director of Dreaming”

Languages: Italian, English, Thai

Lele is fond of saying “my dream has already come true” and gesturing to the garden that he has established with the help of partners, locals and thousands of volunteers since 2015. But even though the garden and living areas are good enough for survival, Gaarawe’s founder has bigger plans for not just a meeting place, but a real community.

Lele is usually the person who will reply to you via email

Phiphi – “The Food Encyclopaedia”

Languages: Thai, a little English

Phi phi has worked at Gaarawe for years, and she has a near encyclopaedic knowledge of what plants in the garden are edible and how to cook them. While she doesn’t speak much English, volunteers are encouraged to follow and learn from her when she harvests and prepares our delicious meals.

Roisin – “The Joker Card”

Languages: English, Chinese, a little Thai

Roisin left China in 2019 with idea of travelling to Australia without taking planes. But when she got as far as Gaarawe in January 2020, she found a reason to put away her backpack and stay still for a bit. If you have a question about the village, she probably knows the answer because she does a little bit of everything.

Roisin is usually the person who will reply to you on WhatsApp, Instagram, or the Facebook Page

Update: Our Covid-19 Response

When the seriousness of the global situation surrounding the 2020 Cornona pandemic became clear, the volunteers and residents at Gaarawé came together to decide how best to move forward. We knew we had a responsibility to protect the community members in our care but we also couldn’t turn away travellers that were, like us, caught up in circumstances beyond our control.

Several community leaders came together and designed a diet and nutrition regime to ensure that we were eating the right things to maintain strong immune systems should the virus come to the village. We welcomed people when we had nothing to offer but tents to sleep in. During the lockdown, we maintained a stable population of 20 people who worked together to produce our food, maintain our living spaces and support each other with love and open communication. You can read some of our “Cornona Camp” testimonies here.

Many of us travelling when COVID hit had to change our plans, and our budgets! With the situation still uncertain, why not take the time to pause and reflect in one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world?

Gaarawé is welcoming anyone currently travelling in Thailand to visit us and spend time in our garden for FREE!

– Work as much (or as little) as you like

– Take advantage of Gaarawé’s unique location in Khao Sok National Park

– Help us build a home away from home, together