About Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park is part of an ancient rainforest. It’s a popular tourist destination for Thai and international travellers alike.

Khao Sok’s native population has learnt to live and thrive in this wild, yet extremely rich environment by handing down their knowledge on plants, animals and climate generation after generation, while improving their techniques and tools as global civilization changed.

Now, with the environmental health of our planet in serious decline, Khao Sok represents a timeless oasis where you can feel connected with Mother Nature. A place where you can still feel human.

Gaarawé is located on the banks of the beautiful Sok river, immersed in a valley surrounded by white limestone karst and dense – often virgin –  forest. From our village, the views are spectacular and imposing in every direction.

Only few kilometers away from Gaarawé you can access both, Khlong Phanom and Khao Sok National Park. The latter is known worldwide as one of the most ancient forest on earth.

Just over one hour’s drive to the east of Gaarawé village is Surat Thani, the hub through which you can get to the port with ferries to Koh Samui, Koh Pangang and Koh Tao. About the same distance to the west side lies the beautiful Khao Lak beach and national park.